In The Giver how was Jonas obedient?

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Jonas is a generally obedient person in The Giver, first following the rules of the community and then later doing his best to be obedient to the Giver, transferring most of his allegiance to the Giver. But once Jonas has begun to receive the Giver's memories and experience the full panoply of emotion, color, and the world outside the community, the notion of obedience becomes more complex.  Obedience is difficult when there are conflicting loyalties, and there are genuine choices to be made.

In the first chapter, we see Jonas' family in the evening ritual of sharing feelings, something he is reluctant about, something he "almost would have preferred"(9) keeping hidden, but he knows he must follow the rules. Jonas even helps others to remain obedient to the rules, as we see in Chapter 4 , in which Jonas stays away from conversation with Benjamin, who has many accomplishments to brag about, because bragging is against the rules, and it is "better to steer clear of an occasion...

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