In The Giver, the Giver explains to Jonas why the community needs a Receiver of Memory. What are the reasons?

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Towards the end of chapter 13, the Giver mentions that he sometimes advises the Committee of Elders regarding difficult issues and policies, which prompts Jonas to ask why it is necessary to have a Receiver of Memory. The Giver responds by telling Jonas that the community and the Committee of Elders became aware of why his occupation was necessary ten years ago when the previous Receiver of Memory was released. After she was released, her memories spread throughout the community, causing chaos, unrest, and disruption. Finally, the memories were assimilated and the entire community became of aware of why it was necessary to have a Receiver.

In other sections of the novel, the Giver explains to Jonas how their community is founded on Sameness, which makes the environment and atmosphere completely comfortable, safe, and stable. The Receiver's job is to contain all of humanity's past memories, which include...

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