The Giver Essay I am writing a persuasive essay on The Giver and how Jonas changes throughout the story. I must come up with 3 ways he changes, but i need some help on some evidence on them. I will list them and i will be grateful for any help. =) 1. In the beginning of the story, Jonas is just like everyone else in his community and thinks that life is just a word in his community and is a daily routine, but as he progresses in the story, he realizes that life has a much deeper meaning, and can change anytime. 2. Jonas never heard of the word love, but as he receives memories , he realizes that love in one of the strongest emotions in the world and is the only way to make your life complete. 3. In the beginning of the story, Jonas believes and is unsure about "release" and that it is just a ceremony to bring people elsewhere, while in reality, he finds out that it is when you kill or murder someone. He realizes that his father and many others are murderers and that they don't realize that they are killing someone. 2. Jonas  real

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In order to write a persuasive essay focusing on three ways that Jonas changes throughout the novel The Giver, you may want to organize your thoughts into a thesis statement by presenting an argument that you will discuss for the remainder of your essay. The following is a good example of a thesis statement that focuses on three ways that Jonas changes throughout the novel:

"When Jonas becomes the community's Receiver of Memory, he gains perspective on his society, rebels against the world's restrictive social institutions, and develops sympathy for the naive citizens living in his community, which motivates him to alter the community for the better."


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