In Chapter 10 of The Giver, what must Jonas do? Pgs. 66 -67

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Although the page numbers in my copy of the book appear to be different from yours, I am going to assume that you are asking what Jonas must do as the new Receiver of Memory.  In Chapter 9, he receives specific instructions on where he must go and what he must do to begin his very important assignment.  His instructions tell him to "go immediately at the end of school hours each day to the Annex entrance behind the House of the Old and present (him)self to the attendant...(and) go immediately to (his) dwelling at the conclusion of Training Hours each day".  He is "exempted from rules governing rudeness...and may ask questions of any citizen", he is not to discuss his training with anyone, he is prohibited from dream-telling, he cannot apply for medication or release, and, most disturbing of all, he may lie.

In Chapter 10, Jonas must follow through on the instructions he has been given.  He goes straight to the Annex after school as directed.  There, he meets the current Receiver of Memory, who tells him, "simply stated", that Jonas's job from here on will be to receive all the memories the Receiver will transmit to him.  Jonas will then have to carry these memories of "the past...before (himself), before (the Receiver), before the previous Receiver, and generations before him", on behalf of the entire Community.

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In chapter 10, Jonas is to report to the Annex and meet the Giver to begin his training. He reports as is expected of him and he meets with the Giver.  He is somewhat anxious and doesn't really understand much yet.  He is frightened by the lock on the door but the receptionist tells him not to worry that the lock is simply to let the "Receiver" have some privacy.  Once in the presence of the Receiver he begins to relax a little and they talk.  At the end of chapter 10 the Receiver becomes the Giver by transferring a memory to Jonas.  He is told to lie down on the bed, on his stomach, and relax.  The old man places his hands on Jonas's back and the memory of snow, a hill, and a sled are transferred to Jonas.

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