In The Giver, name two euphemisms for death in our society.Ireally need this answer. I was sick all week and its due tomorrow and i didnt have enough time to do it so can anyone help?

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Are you referring to euphemisms that we have for death in our society or in the society of the novel? If you are referring only to The Giver, there is one central euphemism that is used to describe death - release. Of course, there is release of newborns, release of the elderly and then release of those who have broken the laws of this society, however, as Jonas goes on to discover in the novel, this pleasant sounding word hides behind it the brutality of murder.

If you are referring to our society today, you might want to think how we use euphemisms to talk about death and make it less scary or frightening. We say things like she has "passed on" or "gone to a better place". You may have others you have come across.

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