Given what you now know about how Congress works and how a bill is passed, what is different about an omnibus bill?  Provide an example from American politics. 

michaelsm47 | Student

Omnibus can be translated as providing for many things at the same time, and an omnibus bill is one that usually has a main subject, but that concurrently may address many other subjects. For instance a budget bill could amend laws or institute new laws, and even if the primary subject is the budget, it could contain various other features such as appropriations for special projects.

On Thursday, February 28, 2013 longtime anti-gun state Representative Michael Paymar of Minnestoa held a press conference to announce his anti-gun omnibus bill provisions.  The new omnibus provisions will come as amendments to his current gun control bill, House File 237. 

This bill mainly addresses anti-gun legislation.  The subjects within the bill include:  criminalizing the private sale of firearms, making transferee permits discretionary, more regulations on permits, etc.  You can find more information about this bill at: