A Child Called "It" Questions and Answers
by Dave Pelzer

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Given what you have learned about child development, what strengths can be seen in how the adults supported the main character’s development in A Child Called "It"?

In A Child Called "It," the adults and the surrounding culture failed to support the author's development for a long time, missing or ignoring clear signs of abuse. However, when they did understand what was happening to him, the principal, his teachers, and the nurse acted bravely and supportingly, risking their jobs by initiating a police investigation.

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A Child Called "It" is primarily a story of horrendous abuse at the hands of a sadistic mother and how the author survived this mistreatment. It is also about the failure of a culture—and the adults within it—to address this abuse. Although the author's mother attempted to hide what she was doing to him, his father was partially aware of what was happening and did nothing to prevent it. At school, the author showed clear signs of abuse and neglect, turning up in the same clothes day after day and stealing...

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