Given this equation: 4Fe+3O2-->2Fe2O3 How many moles of iron (III) oxide can be produced from : 4 mol of Iron and 2.5 mol of oxygen?  

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`4Fe+3O_2 rarr 2Fe_2O_3`


To get 2 moles of `Fe_2O_3` we need 4 moles of Fe and 3 moles of `O_2` .


In the given mixture we have 4 moles of Fe and 2.5 moles of `O_2` .

Since we need 3 moles of `O_2` and 4 moles of Fe to get 2 moles of `Fe_2O_3` , the above reaction will not completely takes place in the mixture to form 2 moles of `Fe_2O_3` .

So what will happen is the reaction will happen until all the `O_2` is reacted.

So finally 2.5 moles of `O_2` will react.

`O_2:Fe_2O_3 = 3:2`


Amount of `Fe_2O_3` formed `= 2/3xx2.5 = 1.667`


So 1.667 moles of `Fe_2O_3` will form in the mixture.

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