Given the broadening of understanding with regard to gender identity as being on a spectrum rather than as a rigid binary, do you think gender roles will still be prominent in future societies? Why or why not?

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Traditionally (up to relatively recently), society mainly looked at gender in a stereotypical binary way: a person was either male or female, based on their natural sex. However, the interpretation of gender has become a lot more fluid recently, giving way to a much wider variety of gender identifications such as bigender, cisgender and transgender, to name but a few. This naturally poses the question whether the traditional gender roles will still be upheld in future societies.

It is clearly visible that the traditional gender roles are already becoming less and less important in today’s society. For example, whereas in the past a woman was supposed to stay at home and take care of the children and the household, women nowadays are able to have a career just like men. Unfortunately, some members of society still find it odd if a husband earns less money than his wife, or if a woman has a higher position within a company than a man. It is still not as socially acceptable for a father to go on paternity leave, as the social norm still far-too-often dictates that it is the mother who should take maternity leave, leaving the father to go to work. However, this attitude is slowly disappearing.

In a society, where gender definitions are becoming a lot more fluid, imposing social expectations based on stereotypical gender roles is simply becoming more and more redundant and old-fashioned. Therefore, I believe that there will be a lot more equality in future societies.

The increased acceptance of gender fluidity within society is helping to pave the way towards a society, where people are judged based on their ability and character, rather than their gender or sexual identification. Therefore, I don’t believe that gender roles will still be prominent in future societies.

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