Given that v0=20 m/s and a=3 m/s^2 determine x for t = 10 s

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We are given that the initial velocity V0 = 20 m/s. The acceleration is given as 3 m/s^2.

Now we have to determine the distance travelled in 10s.

We first find the velocity after 10 s. As velocity changes by 3 m/s each second, in 10 s it changes by 3*10 = 30 m/s. So the final velocity is 50 m/s.

Therefore the distance travelled is equal to (20 + 50)*10/2 = 70*5 = 350 m

Therefore the distance moved is 350m.

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We'll have to write the equation that describes how far an object travels under constant acceleration.

x = v0t + at^2/2 (1)

To determine x, we'll insert all given information into equation:

x = (20m/s)(10s) + (1/2)(3m/s^2)(10s)^2

We'll cancel out the seconds from the first ratio and the s^2 from the second ratio from the right side and we'll get:

x = 200m + 150m

x = 350m

Keeping track of the units in calculus is helping us to detect the errors if the units don't come out right.

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