Given that: masses of two spheres are equal the distance between them = 100m gravitational force of attraction = 1575N Find: masses of spheres.

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You need to remember the formula of gravitational force of attraction between two objects such that:

F = G*(m_1*m_2)/(r^2)

The problem provides the information that the masses of spheres are equal, hence F = G*(m^2)/(r^2).

You need to consider the gravitational constant `G = 6.67*10^(-11)`  N*`m^2/(kg^2), ` hence you need to substitute the given values in formula of gravitational force such that:

`1575 = 6.67*10^(-11)*m^2/(10000)`

`m^2 = 10000*1575/(6.67*10^(-11))`

`m = sqrt(10^14*15750/6.67)`

`m = 48.5934*10^7 Kg`

Hence, evaluating the mass of each sphere yields `m = 48.5934*10^7 Kg.`

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