Given that `int_0^1(15xsqrt(x^2 + 9))dx=50sqrt(10)-135` , what is `int_1^0(15usqrt(u^2 + 9))du` ?

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We are given that `int_(0)^(1)(15xsqrt(x^2+9))dx=50sqrt(10)-135` and we are asked to evaluate `int_(1)^(0)(15usqrt(u^2+9))du` .

These are definite integrals. If we restrict the variables to the real number line, a definite integral is typically defined as the Riemann integral; i.e. an infinite sum of geometric shapes. Definite integrals can be described as a "signed" area.

By the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, we can find the definite integral by integrating the indefinite integral and...

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