Given Kant's and Aristotles's theory on ethics which is the most clear and consistent?

Expert Answers
scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If one does any type of research on Kant's and Aristotle's moral philosophy, it is quite clear the Aristotle's clearer and overall more consistent.  When studying Kant, readers often have to read and reread his theory on ethics in order to understand what he promotes.  Additionally, the idea that just to determine what action to take, a person must consider what others would do in his situation at that specific time is quite impractical (this is Kant's theory).  Many moral decisions are split-second and do not allow for a survey or sorts of mankind.

In contrast, Aristotle practically suggests doing good so that it becomes almost instinctual for a human to choose to do good/right when a moral dilemma presents itself.  Although, Aristotle does not promote the simple idea of absolute morality, he does encourage humans to live lives that would generally be considered good so that they will choose right as naturally as is possible for a human.