Given the following two points find distance between them find midpoint submit graph (5,8)(-3,2).Need correct answer.

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nathanshields eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Remember, distance formula is just Pythagorean Theorem.  Draw out the diagram, and see that one leg is 6 and one leg is 8, so hypotenuse = `sqrt(6^2+8^2)=10`

Midpoint is just the average x and average y: (5+-3)/2 = 1, and (8+2)/2 = 5.


adittya | Student

It's simple. First find the distance between the two points

√(64+36) which is √100 which equals 10. There you have the distance between the points. And now for the midpoint. In order to do this you have to follow this steps:

(5+(-3))/2 = 1,                                                                                                         Now you have got the mid-point, (1,5) where 1 is the x co-ordinate and 5 is the y co-ordinate.

(8+2)/2 = 5.

Now you will just have to plot the graph using the points......