Explain which character you would like to portray from To Sir, With Love.  

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Braithwaite, himself, is probably the richest character in the narrative.  I think that this makes sense because it is his story and his autobiography.  Even outside of this, I think that his character reflects the essence of change and evolution.  I speak from a personalized point of view here.  As a teacher, I understand his frustration.  I understood it when I started, and even after some time in the profession, I still "get it."  There is a fundamental challenge in being able to walk into a classroom, ensure that the will of every student is with you and the desire to enhance their own understanding of themselves and their world, as well as the frustration that is evident when A) this does not work or B) the teacher displays their exasperation are all elements that are seen in the narrative and in my own life.  Along these lines, Braithwaite is a character and teacher who goes against the current.  This is evident in his own state of being and brought out as a teacher.  I think that I would be to find the motivation and the connection to the character in portraying him.

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