given the balaced equation representing a reation: 2H2 + 02 arrow 2H20 what is the mass of H20 preoduced when 10.0 grams of H2 reacts completely with 80.0 grams of 02? 1.  70.0g 2.  90.0g 3. 180.g 4. 800.g

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The chemical equation between hydrogen and oxygen is `2H_2 + O_2 -> 2H_2O` .

Two mole of water is produced when 2 moles of hydrogen and one mole of oxygen react with each other. The molar mass of hydrogen is 2 and the molar mass of oxygen is 32. The molar mass of water is 18.

10 g of `H_2` is equivalent to 5 moles of hydrogen and 80 grams of oxygen is equivalent to 5 moles of oxygen. The number of moles of water produced is 5. This is equivalent to 90 g of water.

The correct answer is option 2.

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