Given the atm. of uniform density 1.5 Kg/m^3, explain how high a column of air can cause the barometer to read  80 cm of Hg?

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sciencesolve eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You should start conditioning that the pressure of air needs to be equal to pressure of Hg such that:

`h_1*rho_1*g_1 = h_2*rho_2*g_2`

`h_1`  represents the height of column of Hg

`h_2`  represents the height of column of air

You need to convert the units of mesure of height of Hg in meters such that:

`80 cm = 0.8 m`

Substituting the given values in equation above yields:

`0.8 m*13530 (Kg)/(m^3) = h_2*1.5 (Kg)/(m^3) `

`h_2 = (0.8 m*13530 (Kg)/(m^3))/(1.5 (Kg)/(m^3))`

`h_2 = 7.2 Km`

Hence, evaluating the height of column of air,under the given conditions, yields `h_2 = 7.2 Km` .