Who is the writer's target audience in the article below on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games?http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/the-games-spirit-has-been-killed-20080817-3x15.html

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The target audience for this article is a set of people who are at least somewhat socially liberal and idealistic.  

The major point of this article is that the Olympic Games in general (not just the ones in Beijing) have become a vehicle for commercialism and aggressive nationalism.  Smith is arguing that the games have gone away from their roots as a pure sporting event.  He looks at the environmental cost of the games and the cost to poor people whose homes are destroyed to build the venues.  He decries the fact that money does so much to determine who wins.  He criticizes the intense nationalism provoked by the games.

These are all arguments that will resonate more with an idealistic and somewhat liberal audience that is very concerned with environmental issues and issues of social justice.


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