Give a very brief description of the following characters: Lew Johnson, Henry Shipstead, James Lewis, Ed Howells and Ernie Wright.  

Expert Answers
hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lew Johnson is one of the first homesteaders.  He is a good farmer and a reliable man.

Henry Shipstead is described much like Lew Johnson.  He resides at the lot closest to town.

James Lewis is a farmer of questionable ability.  He, like Frank Torrey, lack the courage to stand up to Fletcher and, therefore, is more likely to walk away from his land than put up a fight.

Ed Howells isn't described in much detail, but he is similar to Lewis.

Frank Torrey is a newer homesteader who lives in fear of Fletcher and losing his land.  He also has family problems including a nagging wife and a lot of kids which also weighed heavily on him.

Ernie Wright is one of the newest homesteaders and is the weakest due to his inability to control his temper.  This weakness is exploited by Stark Wilson and results in Wilson lawfully killing Wright since Wright went for his gun first.