Please help me with this assignment: Give us the title and summary of a movie that would be made about you in 2030.Be creative.

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great creative writing assignment that is far too personal to be answered directly on Enotes.  Instead of providing you with an example, I encourage you to find a time and a place to really have fun with this.

If you are having trouble getting started, you might want to begin by creating a list of ideas that you will ultimately include.  Keeping in mind that this movie is made in the year 2030, you have a couple of options right away.  First, will the movie cover the parts of your life that you've already lived (and therefore, at this point, be completely truthful)?  Or, will it cover the parts of your life you have not lived yet, and therefore be a prediction of the way you hope things turn out?

I like to pose questions for myself to help my creativity flow.  I might start with the following:

  1. What 5 movies are your favorite and why?  *Often, the things we enjoy are actually a direct reflection of who we are.  By starting with some of your favorite movies, you might be able to think of your own life as such a movie.
  2. What are the most interesting events of your life (things that others would want to watch if a movie was made about you)?  *Think about sad times, funny times, times you were most proud or scared, or times you overcame something difficult.  Or, what are some interesting events you hope will one day happen to you?
  3. Who are the most important people in your life?  If your life was a movie, who would be the other characters?  (If this movie is set in your own future, who are some people you hope to meet?)
  4. Where is this movie going to be set?  Do you want to focus on your house, school, town, or a combination of many places?

Once you've made a list (and by all means, make it long!) read back through and highlight any ideas that you think are particularly good.  Cross off the ideas you do not wish to use.  This process, though it sounds tedious, is actually one of the best ways to begin any writing assignment.  Most students become inspired sometime during this process and are able to write wonderfully imaginative and creative pieces as a result.

Remember to have fun with this.  It is all about you, after all.