Give two reasons why the harvest is so successful in Chapter Three of Orwell's "Animal Farm".

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 3, the animals modify and use the human implements to harvest every inch of the farm's crops. Their first harvest turns out to be a success because the animals rely on their natural talents to harvest every last bit of the farm's resources. The horses use their superior knowledge of the land to mow and rake more than Jones's men ever could, while the hens and ducks use their sharp eyes to gather every stalk. Each animal is also motivated to work and does not complain, which results in the biggest harvest in the history of the farm. The fact that the animals are harvesting for themselves and know they will benefit from their work motivates them to toil harder and faster than ever before. Also, none of the animals feels the need to steal from the harvest like they did in the past, which also increases the yield. Not only was the harvest bigger than ever before but it was also completed in less time. Overall, Animal Farm enjoys their first and only successful harvest before Napoleon usurps power.

parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The animals are motivated to do their best to make Animal Farm a success. They modifiy farm implements so that they will be able to use them properly, and they work together willfully instead of being forced to labour and produce. 

Another reason for the bumper crop harvest is that Jones isn't around anymore to pillage their goods. However, this isn't the case for very long. When the cows are milked by the pigs, the buckets simply vanish along with the stock of apples. When the animals get back some time later from their labour in the fields,  nothing is there.

Squealer explains later that these products are for the exclusive use of the pigs since it is the "brain food" necessary to keep them smart!