Give two reasons why Baldeo was confident despite having heard stories of the tiger in "The Tiger in the Tunnel?"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "The Tiger in the Tunnel," Baldeo's confidence is rooted in his experience and ability.  

One reason that Baldeo displayed a sense of certainty is because he had yet to encounter a tiger.  He had arrived about a month prior and "had not seen or even heard a tiger."  In having never seen a tiger, Baldeo was convinced that its presence was more of a tribal legend.  Such experience enabled him to dismiss the stories that the villagers told of a tiger's presence. This helped to increase his confidence in doing his job.  

Another reason why Baldeo was self- assured existed in his skill at using his axe.  Throughout his adult life, Baldeo carried an axe.  Its head was made "of pure steel," and was "thin but ringing true like a bell."  Baldeo's father had forged it over fire and Baldeo saw it as "part of himself," carrying it with him all the time. He was confident in his axe wielding skill.  It is indicated that Baldeo had previously used it to kill a young boar.  Baldeo saw himself as one who was familiar with the terrain, and with his axe as a support, he felt comfortable with tackling the elements of jungle life.  This skill helped to enhance Baldeo's confidence.