Give two reasons in which religion affected the worldview at the time of Renaissance.Please answer my both questions ASAP

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that religion’s impact upon the world can be seen in the Renaissance in many ways.  One such way would be in the spread of the reading of the Bible.  One of the great legacies of the Renaissance was the increase in literacy brought about by the humanism that dominated the time period.  The emphasis on reading and love of literature helped to spawn the printing press and one of the first books to be published was The Bible.  This helped to bring Christianity into a mass audience with the printing of the book that regular people could now own.  The need to solely rely on the institution of the church for the reading of the Bible was replaced by individuals reading it and developing a frame of spirituality for themselves.  This had worldwide implications because it helped to spread Christianity to more people and more places than it had been before the Renaissance.  One of the premises of the Renaissance was to go beyond the standard and traditional acceptance of what is and move towards a realm of what can be.  This idea helped to broaden the reach of nations all over the world with the Age of Exploration.  Bringing a sense of justification to such endeavors and voyages was the belief that Christianity needed to be spread all over the world.  This was brought out by the fact that a primary rationale behind the colonization that happened during the time of the Renaissance was to spread Christianity to other parts of the world, helping to once again demonstrate how religion was affected by the worldwide implications of the Renaissance.