Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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Give two lies squealer uses to prove that snowball was a traitor from the very beginning

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After Snowball is driven from the farm he is used as a scapegoat for every conceivable ill. Napoleon's dictatorship becomes ever more repressive and there are growing food shortages thanks to his greed and incompetence. Rumors swirl around the farm that Snowball keeps creeping back at night and causing trouble. After all, if Napoleon is the wise, benevolent leader he claims to be, then Snowball's sabotage is the only rational explanation for the farm's mounting problems.

But not everyone is convinced. So up pops Squealer, Napoleon's chief propagandist, to give everyone the party line. He claims Snowball was a traitor. Squealer says Snowball has been taken by Mr. Frederick and is now actively plotting with him to overthrow the farm's Animalist regime. And not only that, he was also in cahoots with Jones right from the very start, trying to undermine Animalism from within. At the Battle of the Cowshed it was Snowball whose treachery almost led to a catastrophic defeat.

And at that crucial battle for the future of the Animalist revolution, Squealer says it was the heroic Napoleon who cried "Death to humanity!" as he bit Mr. Jones in the leg. Like every other word that comes out of Squealer's porky mouth, this is a total lie. But Boxer, for one, appears convinced because

If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right.

As subsequent events show, Boxer comes to pay dearly for his gullibility and fanatical belief in the ideology of Animalism.

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