Give two examples of how Jeffrey takes good care of Amanda's book.

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On his first day in town, Jeffrey "Maniac" Magee met Amanda Beale. Amanda was a girl who loved books and reading. She took special care of her books and carried them everywhere with her to protect them from her two rambunctious younger siblings. Maniac begged Amanda to loan him a book. She was extremely hesitant, but eventually she agreed. She let him borrow a book about the Children's Crusade.  

Maniac took the book everywhere he went. He vowed to protect it and keep it in good condition. Maniac went all over town and had many adventures. No matter where Maniac went, he was "always carrying the book, keeping it in perfect condition."

Later, Maniac met Mars Bar, who was a bully. Mars tore a page out of the precious book and crumpled it up. When he left,

"Maniac uncrumpled the page, flattened it out as best he could. How could he return the book to Amanda in this condition!"

Mars Bar left, but he came back with some friends. He demanded that Maniac give him the book, but Maniac refused. Instead he clutched the book tight, not letting it go.