What are three reasons why Magwich wanted Pip to be a gentleman?My paper says something about chapter 54 but I can't find it. Please and thank you!

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Magwich never really states three reasons directly why he wanted Pip to be a gentleman. However, one can infer that 1. Magwich wanted to make up for his criminal life in one way or another. 2. He has been impressed with Pip and grateful for Pip's help when they met on the marsh early in Pip's life. 3. Finally, Magwich wanted something of which he could be proud. He says he would have risked anything to actually see Pip and it is obvious he thinks of Pip as a son. He calls himself Pip's "second father." Perhaps in some way it helped Magwich cope with the loss of his daughter.

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