give three property of triangle

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Among the properties of triangles are:

  (I)  The sum of three interior angles of the triangle is `180^o` . 

  (II) The measure of an exterior angle is equal to the sum of two remote interior angles of the triangle. Remote interior angles refer to the angles that are not adjacent to the exterior angle.

  (III) The angle whose measure is greater than the other two angles, the side opposite it is longer compared to the other two sides of the triangle. Also, the angle whose measure is smaller than the two angles, the side opposite it is shorter than the two sides.

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* simple - a traingle is always pointed.


* a triangle is a polygon with three sides.


* there are 3 angles, 3 lines and 3 vertices in a triangle.


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1 sum of all angles are 180 degree

2 two obtuse angels cannot be possible

3 two right angles cannot be possible