Give three (or more) of the table of average standard bond energies.

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Standard bond energies are give in kJ per mole and represent the amount of energy required to break up one mole of a particular type of chemical bond.  It is also good to look at bond length in relation to this property as well.  Let's look at the bond energies of the different types of carbon carbon bonds.

CC single bond: 346 kJ/mol

CC double bond: 602 kJ/mol

CC triple bond: 835 kJ/mol

So we can see that as the bond order increases the bond energy increases as well.  If we look at the bond lengths between the three (single: 154 pm, double: 134 pm, triple: 120 pm), we can see that the bond length decreases as the bond order goes up.  So the shorter the CC bond length, the more the bond energy goes up and the stronger the chemical bond is.

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