In the short story, "Charles", please provide three examples of Laurie's behavior at home. 

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Three examples of Laurie's behavior at home:

1) On the first day home from kindergarten, Laurie is rude to his father at lunch, spills his baby sister's milk, and tells his parents that, according to his teacher, they are not supposed to take the name of the Lord in vain. He informs his parents that a boy (Charles) was spanked on the first day because he was 'fresh' to the teacher. When his father asks him what the boy did, Laurie leaves without answering.

2) On the second day home from kindergarten, Laurie again talks about the trouble-prone Charles. This time, Charles was spanked for hitting the teacher. After telling his parents about Charles' antics, Laurie tells his father to look up, to look down, and finally, to look at his thumb. When his father does all these things as told, Laurie laughs uproariously and informs his father that he is dumb.

3) On Monday the following week, Laurie comes home late. He yells all the way up the hill that Charles was bad again that day. Accordingly, Charles yelled so loudly at school that he had to stay late. He tells his mother and father that all the other children stayed late as well to watch what Charles would do. When his father asks what Charles did, Laurie tells him that Charles just sat there without doing anything. Laurie then proceeds to greet his father by addressing him as an 'old dust mop.'

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