Give three examples of how geography played a role in the outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg in The Killer Angels.  

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The significance of the geography of the Gettysburg battlefield is even more interesting when you consider that neither army intended to fight a battle there. General Robert E. Lee, upon learning the Army of the Potomac was north of its namesake river on June 28, 1863, ordered the Army of Northern Virginia to concentrate around Cashtown, some eight miles west of Gettysburg and, more importantly, behind the ridge of South Mountain. Union General George G. Meade, who had just been ordered to take command of the Army of the Potomac that day, preferred a defensive position along Pipe Creek in Maryland, a day's march to the south of Gettysburg and a better location in which he could cover Washington.

The ridges west of Gettysburg—from west to east, Herr Ridge, McPherson's Ridge, and Seminary Ridge—all ran north to south and provided good delaying positions for General John Buford's Union cavalry when the Confederate division of Henry Heth, moving toward Gettysburg to collect supplies,...

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