Give a summary of "The Lesson" including quotes. 

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"The Lesson" follows a group of eight children from a poor area of New York City on an outing to F.A.O. Schwarz, a pricey toy store located in an upscale area of the city. The excursion is facilitated by Miss Moore, their educated neighbor who takes it upon herself to enrich the educational experiences of the children who live nearby. The kids are cocky and confident until arriving at the store's location on ritzy Fifth Avenue, where they are shocked to see the high prices on many of the toys.

This exercise demonstrates the inequality of wealth distribution between classes, as the children realize that no amount of scrimping or saving would enable their impoverished families to afford the extravagant toys displayed in F.A.O. Schwarz. The differences between their poor black neighborhood and this upscale white neighborhood are drastic, and although the story is irreverent and lighthearted, narrator Sylvia concludes the day with plans to privately think over the afternoon's events,...

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