1984 Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

1984 book cover
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What is a plot summary and theme for "1984"?

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In "1984", the protagonist, Winston , in employed rewriting history for the party. The party's symbol "Big Brother" is constantly monitoring, listening to, and watching its citizens. Winston meets a girl, which...

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flower-girl789 | Student

‘1984’ written by George Orwell in 1949 describes a dystopia world. The theme of the book is ‘should government have so much control?’ The novel also covers the theme of free will ‘Do humans have a choice in their actions, or are our decisions predetermined?’ The main character (Wilson) meets a girl (which is not allowed) and they have a forbidden love, as well as this Wilson breaks the rules by keeping a diary of his own thoughts and feelings! Throughout the book he aims to disrupt the government and restore freedom of the people. However the government party’s symbol (big brother) is constantly watching, listening to and monitoring the citizens!