What is a summary of the plot of Freak the Mighty?

Expert Answers
sdesabato eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Freak the Mighty is a young adult novel written by Rodman Philbrick and published in 1993. The story follows the friendship between two boys, Maxwell Kane and Kevin Avery. Kevin is often called "Freak" because he uses crutches and has leg braces due to a rare birth defect called Morquio syndrome. Max is described as being very physically large for his age, which is part of the reason he represents the "mighty" in their friendship--he is quite powerful.

Their friendship begins when Max finds out Kevin and his mother are moving into the house next to his. Although at first Kevin is unfriendly towards Max, they eventually grow close and have several adventures together throughout the novel. After being attacked by a gang of older boys while attending a July 4th fireworks show, Max begins to carry Kevin on his shoulders, and they call themselves "Freak the Mighty," hence the title of the novel.

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