Why are change and willingness to be flexible important to modern management?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Change and the willingness to be flexible are important to management because the business environment today changes rapidly.  If a firm’s management cannot be flexible, the firm is not likely to prosper.

Today, there are many factors that make change and flexibility more important.  One of the most important of these is technological change.  As technology changes, management has to change as well so as to be able to exploit the new technologies.  As an example of this, those firms which are best able to use information technology and social media are those that prosper.  Their management needed to be flexible enough to see that they needed to change to use these new technologies.

Flexibility is also important with regard to the workforce.  Today’s workforce is becoming more and more diverse.  This is true in racial and ethnic terms, but it is also true in terms of women becoming more and more important and in terms of issues like sexuality.  Managers need to be at least somewhat flexible and willing to change so that they can work well with different kinds of people and so they can adapt to changing workplace dynamics.

For these reasons, among others, change and the willingness to be flexible are very important to management in the modern world.