Give a specific example of a cultural message carried by an American-made product.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A classic American-made product is blue jeans.  These carry cultural messages of class equality and about what appropriate sex roles are.

Blue jeans, of course, got their start as work clothes but are now marketed to and worn by people of all classes.  This sends a clear message about equality.  It sends the message that it is "cool" to look like someone who works.  It implies that people with money should not try to dress in ways that distinguish them from those who do not.  In this way, blue jeans send a very egalitarian message.

Blue jeans, when made for women, also send a message about sex roles.  They send the cultural message that women can and should dress in ways that do not conceal the shape of their bodies.  They also send the message that women should dress in ways that allow for freedom of motion.  In this way, jeans send a cultural message of sexual equality.