Give some vital characteristics of a common man whom we meet in our daily life.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the website "art of manliness", there are 7 vital characteristics of being a man.  The characteristics could be easily compared to a laundry list that women look for in considering a man for dating/marriage.  Here are the "7 vital characteristics":

1. Physical- a man must be aware of his capability to survive.  Much like Herbert Spencer's ideology, man must be viable enough to insure passage of his genes.

2. Functional- Man must know what he is responsible for (be it breadwinner, spousal supporter, etc.) and be able to live up to the expectations set for him by those around him as well as himself. He must be able to function in the role of the path he has chosen for his life (and sometimes function in the role of the path he has ended up in).

3.  Sexual-  Man must be a sexual being.  To shadow #1, Man must be willing and capable to pass along his genes.

4. Emotional- While the stereotypical "boys don't cry" has lost some of its "uumph" in recent years, men are still required to know how to manage their emotions. Based upon this, while men are typically not as emotional as women, this allows them to take a much more objective stand on problems or circumstances that arise.

5. Intellectual- Men have historically looked at as being intellectually superior.  Women, when looking for a potential mate, look for intellectual men.  Again, mirroring #4, the intellectual man can be more objective in critical situations.

6. Interpersonal- Historiically, men have always taken on a variety of leadership roles.  Given the typical patriarchial societal rules, men have always led the family.  This leadership role propelled men into similar roles in their communities.

7. Other- Any characteristics not defined previously.  These characteristics defined by the website detail pride, honor, and ambition as "other".

Basically, what this site provides as "vital characteristics" are what many people see in the "common man" characteristics you are looking for. Unfortunately, this question is subjective given that what people look for in a good man is simply too subjective.  But, I hope that this helps lead you in the right direction.