Give some examples of solute and solvent.

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Solute and solvent are the two components of a solution.

A solvent is a substance that dissolves the solute. And the solute is the substance being dissolved.

To identify them, take note that if the subtance present in a solution undergoes change of state, it is the solute. However, if neither of them change state, the reagent in smaller amount is the solute.

Below are some examples of solutions. The solute and solvent are identified.

Example 1: Mix salt and water to form a solution.

When salt is dissolved in water, it changes from solid to liquid. While the water remains as liquid.

Hence, in this solution, the salt is the solute and water is the solvent.

Example 2: Vinegar

To make a vinegar, acetic acid and water are mixed together. These two substances are both liquid. And when mixed together, both of them remains in liquid form. There is no change of state. However, the amount of acetic acid is smaller compared to that of water.

Thus, the acetic acid is the solute and the water is the solvent.

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Solute and solvent are two major components of a solution. Taking in consideration the equation:

solvent + solute = solution

Here, we know that Solute is the component that is dissolved in the solution, while Solvent is the component in which it is being dissolved.

A few examples of solute and solvent are:


   salt             +  water          = salt water

   lemon          + water           = lemon water

coffee powder  + milk             = coffee

custard powder+ milk            = custard            

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A solvent is known as the substance that dissolves the solute, a solute on the other hand is the substance being dissolved.

For example when you miss water and sugar. The water will be the solvent and the solute will be the sugar.

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Solute is the substance being dissolved, Solvent is the thing that dissolves it. Like when you dissolve salt in water, the solute is the salt, the solvent is the water. 


ex. -Hot chocolate mix(solute) And water.

     -sugar and hot water