Give some characteristics of classical era.

loraaa | Student

Some general characteristics of Classical Music are:

MELODY:  Short and clearly defined musical phrases with two or more contrasting themes.

RHYTHM: Very defined and regular.

TEXTURE: Mostly Homophonic.

TIMBRE: The symphony orchestra was organised into four sections - strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. The harpsichord was seldom used.


jamesvblian | Student

Classical era stresses the importance of proportionality, ideal of beauty, balance, and harmony. This is apparent in many of the sculptures. Their bodies are proportional in terms of how the Greeks view ideal beauty. Balance and harmony is reached through the contrapposto pose or chiastic pose, in which the body engages in a fluid motion; one leg foward and one leg back, and one arm engaged while the other limp. Prior to the classical era, sculptures are very stiff and do not engage in movement. Nudity is also seen as a heroic, but this only applies to men; women nudity is only accepted in a later period (Hellenistic). One of the most famous Classical sculpture is Doryphoros by Polykleitos. You can see how proportionality, balance, and harmony are incorporated in this sculpture. It is in the nude and contrapposto pose, showing fluidity and harmony.

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