Give one example of a real life market that comes close to being in perfect competition.

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Perhaps the best example of a market that approaches perfect competition would be the market for some agricultural commodity, especially in a less-developed economy.

Especially in a less developed economy, there are few barriers to entry into farming and so there can be many small farmers who are able to compete with one another.  All a person would have to do to become a farmer would be to get a small piece of land and a few tools.  This is slightly different in an advanced economy because a starting farmer would need all sorts of equipment and a lot of land.  In such a case, the start up costs would be something of a barrier to easy entrance into the market.

The farmer would be selling a homogeneous product.  One farmer's potatoes or wheat would be substantially similar to those of the next farmer.  There would be no real way to differentiate between them. In such a case, you would be close to perfect competition.

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