When I Have Fears Questions and Answers
by John Keats

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Give the meanings of the word annotations of the following expression from the text of "When I Have Fears" by Keats. "pen has gleaned,my teeming brain," "Before high-piled books, in charactry," "Hold like rich garners the full ripen'd grain;" "fair creature of an hour," "Never have relish in the fairy power"

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In the second line of "When I Have Fears," Keats worries that he will die before he can write down all the poetry his brain will have to offer, before his pen can "glean" (extract) those ideas from his "teeming" (full) brain. 

"Charactry" means letters of the alphabet. Keats hopes that he will have piles of books containing his poetry. These books, he hopes, will hold...

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