Because I could not stop for Death— Questions and Answers
by Emily Dickinson

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In Because I could not stop for Death, give the meanings of Gossamer,Tippet and Tulle.   (Meanings=connotation and denotation) These questions are from the extract: Or rather-He passed Us- The dews quivering and chill- For only gossamer, my gown- My tippet-only tulle-

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These lines are, of course, from Emily Dickinson's "Because I could not stop for Death," a beautiful and interesting poem because of its ironic playfulness and blithe tone for such a moribund subject. The irony of the poem comes from the fact that the speaker, who is now dead, was unprepared for death, a process in which she unknowingly had long been involved as the gentlemanly carriage driver demonstrated by taking her past the schoolhouse where children played and the fields of mature grain gazed back at her, indicating that she had already passed childhood and maturity. 

Then, when the deceased speaker reminisces how Death stopped for her, the unsuspecting speaker wore only  a "gossamer" gown of shimmery silk, which connotes her personal fragility and unpreparedness for death. Her "tippet," a shawl usually made of fur, is only of "tulle," or a delicately netted silk, indicating again her lack of preparation for death as well as her delicate condition of age.  In addition, to this meaning for tippet, a tippet is also the ceremonial scarf worn by Anglican priests; so, there is the connotation, or suggestion, of spirituality involved in the fourth stanza, as well, which leads the reader to understand that the extended metaphor of the carriage ride is the continuous journey of life which inevitably leads to death, but it is a death which also leads to immortality. 

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