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Give me your views on the topic of science vs superstition with respect to creationism.

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First of all, I would say that it is unnecessarily inflammatory to use the term “superstition” when discussing this issue.  When we use the term “superstition,” it tends to have negative connotations.  It has connotations of ignorance and of ideas that only someone who is “backwards” could possibly believe.  While we can argue about whether creationism should be seen as a superstition, there is no real need to use the term since it tends to denigrate those who believe in creationism.  Instead, I would talk about the issue of science vs. faith.

My own view on this issue is that faith has only a limited place in the field of science.  It is acceptable to choose issues to study on the basis of faith.  That is, you might choose to study the impact of prayer on health because of your faith or you might choose to look for evidence of intelligent design because of faith.  However, faith should never drive the way in which you interpret your findings.  If you are looking for evidence of intelligent design, you must not bend over backwards to make things fit into your preconceptions.

With regard to the issue of teaching creationism, I do not believe that creationism should be taught in science classes.  It is not a theory that is accepted by any serious portion of scientists in related fields.  Creationism should be taught in religion classes, not in science classes.

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