Give me the summary of the story "Two Kinds" with complete details.

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Obviously, the best way to get an idea for a story is to read it! "Two Kinds" isn't really that long either, so it would be well worth you taking the time to read it in full. So in this answer, I am not going to give you an exact summary - you could probably read it in the time it will take me to answer this question - but will touch on one of the central themes of the story - what it is about.

How do we relate to our parents as children and how do they relate to us? How do we respond when they want the best for us but we do not want to comply with their instructions? This is the central theme of this masterful short story, as it traces a conflict between a mother who is always pushing her daughter to excel. The conflict becomes centred around the mother's desire for her daughter to become a piano virtuoso, and how both mother and daughter hurt each other as a...

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