Could you give me some topics of essays which address the following stories: The Postmaster, Dusk, If, The Road Not Taken, Case for the Defence.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many different questions one could create in regards to the following short stories.

"The Postmaster"- Rabindranath Tagore

1. How does the story address longing and separation?

2. How does the story address the importance of companionship and dependency?

"Dusk"- Saki

1. What is Saki saying about "judging a book by its cover?"

2. What is Saki saying about human nature?

"IF"- Rudyard Kipling

1. How does Kipling example manhood and leadership in the poem?

2. How does Kipling show the importance of gaining righteousness with being self-righteous?

"The Road Not Taken"- Robert Frost

1. Although a Modernist, how is the poem characteristic of poetry from a Romantic point-of-view?

2. What role does nature play in the poem?

3. What is Frost trying to say about the paths mankind chooses to take?

"The Case For the Defense"- Graham Green

1. How did Green's left-handed political views bleed into the text?

2. What historical happening influenced the text?