Give me some samples of questions that come in exams.  

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I am going to assume that you mean science exams because the question is in the science category. Unfortunately the question doesn't specify which branch of science the exam questions should focus on. Here are some questions that might appear in a basic physics course exam.

1. Acceleration of an object

     a. decreases as the mass of the object increases.

     b. increases as the force on the object increases.

    c. is in the same direction as the force on the object.

    d. All of the above

2. A ball is dropped from a rooftop. What is the ball's velocity after 3 seconds? (Assume that there is no air resistance.)

       a. 0 m/s        

       b. 9.8 m/s

       c. 19.6 m/s

       d. 29.4 m/s

3. Newton's Third Law of Motion states that if a force is exerted on an object, another force occurs that

      a. is equal in size and opposite in direction.

      b. is in the same direction and size.

      c. is equal in speed and opposite in direction.

      d. is in the same direction and speed.

4. Explain the difference between mechanical advantage and mechanical efficiency.


5.  A dock worker lifts a 375N crate a distance of .5m over his head in 2.3 seconds.  How much work did he do?  What was his power output?

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