Identify the name of a book in the Bible where Jesus served as a social worker.

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One of the fundamental precepts of a social worker is inclusion.  A social worker must include others.  Their inclusion of people that social orders might reject is what makes them so vital and so important to all people.  It is here where the Gospel of Matthew might be a good source to view Jesus as a form of a social worker.  

In this book, Matthew speaks of the Beatitudes that Jesus extols.  This sermon that Jesus delivers includes as many people from a social setting as possible.  This Sermon on the Mount includes people who might have been marginalized from traditional society.  In Jesus reaching out to them, a precept of social work is demonstrated.  Jesus reaches out to the poor, the mourners, the meek, those who wish to create social justice, the peacemakers, and people who might experience exclusion.  Such a list of individuals defines the essence of the social worker.  Each group represents an aspect of the social worker's existence.  Jesus demonstrates the tenets of a social worker in showing how he reaches out to individuals who might not be accepted by traditional society.  In seeking to include them, the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes that Jesus preaches help to establish one of the first "support groups" for a social worker.  Jesus incorporates these people as part of his following, seeking to establish voice for those who lack it.  In this Gospel, Jesus can be seen as a social worker through his inclusion and wishing to validate voice for those who might lack it.

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