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Please give me a list of unique argumentative topics for an essay. 

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There isn't going to be a single list of the best possible topics for an argumentative (persuasive) essay.  There are all kinds of argumentative topics.  The first thing to understand about an argumentative topic is that it is a statement of opinion. It could be anybody's opinion, but if you are the person writing the essay, then pick an opinion topic that you are passionate about. If you don't care about your topic, that will come through in your writing. If you care about your topic, that will most definitely come through in your writing.  

I have no idea what your interests are, so recommending a topic that you are knowledgeable about and passionate about is difficult. Maybe you are interested in politics and have strong feelings about political candidates. That's big in the media right now, and I promise that no matter what your opinion is, you are going to have to argue for it. You don't have to go political in order to get passionate opinions, though. Perhaps your argument is about which video game console is superior. You could write about why one sport is better than another. Or why which sport a person does is not important. You could write an essay about a school policy that you want to see changed or implemented.  

Whatever topic that you choose, be sure to write about your opposition's arguments. Then proceed to explain your arguments. Finally, push your reader to see why your arguments are better. 

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An argumentative essay gives you a chance to persuade someone to agree with your point of view.  It is easier to write this type of essay when you have a strong opinion on a topic and have a good understanding of it.  If the topic has two or more viewpoints, it will be more suitable.  As you brainstorm ideas, you might be able to write a thesis statement that expresses your opinion about the topic.  

If you are not able to find a topic, try looking at photographs in a magazine or on the Internet. Here are a few ideas to consider:  Many countries offer free education through high school but should colleges and universities also be free? Or - Airplane pilots should be forced to retire at age 60 so passengers are kept safe.

sbigaud1 | Student

Argumentative Topics:

Are GMOs the answer to ending world hunger?

How can we prevent overpopulation?

Should people be mandated to do community service?

Should child-care for teenage parents be provided at the parents' school? 

Should religious sacred texts be studied in the public school classrooms?