Give me a good example of paragraph by comparison and/or contrast with analysis. 

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here's one about apples and oranges for you:

  • Looking at the differences and similarities of apples and oranges leads to making apples a better choice in terms of diet, versatility, and buying power. While both fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, apples have a slight edge because they contain more roughage than oranges.  Apples and oranges can both be used to create other products, for example, both can be used to make juice, but apples are far more versatile because one can make applesauce, pie, and even apple butter. Oranges may be used to make marmalade, but it is a tedious process.  In many parts of the world, because of the climates in which these fruits grow, while buying one apple or orange is not very expensive, apples are usually much less expensive than oranges, making them a better bargain.  So, all in all, while both are wonderful fruits, the apple is the better buy because it is provides more in dietary need, is able to be used in more ways, and is often less expensive.

Notice that I have begun with a topic sentence that tells the reader I am going to compare and contrast and that also tells the reader what elements I am going to analyze in the paragraph.  I give the reader a purpose for my paragraph, because comparing and contrasting without a purpose is pointless.  I then analyze each, in the order in which I "listed" them, addressing similarities and differences.  At the very end, I remind the reader what my main point is and how I supported that point.  This is a review for the reader and also gives the reader a sense of closure.