Identify how a significant external conflict was resolved in Animal Farm.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An external conflict of significance was when the animals begin to rise up in rebellion over Napoleon's policies and practices.  It is significant because it is an important instant where there is a clear external conflict.  This conflict exists between authority and its people.  The conflict lies between the ruler and the ruled.  The manner in which this external conflict is resolve is also significant.  Napoleon releases the dogs and pulverizes those who have been disloyal to him.  Anyone who admits to being a part of the subversiveness against him is punished with death.  Anyone who has aroused the ire of Napoleon is also punished.  In this, Napoleon deals with the external conflict through brute force, in some instances causing death.  It is this manner which is also significant in how the external conflict was resolved.  There is little in way of resolution or some type of negotiation in this external conflict.  There is complete submission or there is force that becomes the means by which the external conflict is resolved.  In this, a significant element of Napoleon's characterization of leadership is also revealed.