A detailed summary of the film Amistad. I would like to break down what transpired in the movie and how the characters were portrayed

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The 1997 film Amistad is the story of the 1839 mutiny aboard a slave ship traveling to the United States. The film depicts the journey, mutiny, and legal battle of the West African people who landed the schooner Amistad off the shores of Long Island. The historical characters include Ramon Ferrer, Jose Ruiz, Pedro Montez, Celestino, Cinque, Lt. Thomas Gedney,and John Quincy Adams. The character Theodore Joadson is fictional among others. Much of the film is dedicated the Supreme Court case surrounding the status of the captives from the Amistad. The film is historically misleading from several perspectives however, its depiction of the middle passage undoubtly leaves an emotional imprint on the every person who views it.

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